Our Pricing Structure:


At Cresselley photos our pricing is fairly simple.

The price you pay for your image choice is based upon the size chosen for the physical print we ship to you.


Here is a breakdown:


Photos provided in 6" x 4" are £0.90 each,

Photos Provided in 7" x 5" are £1.50 each,

Photos provided in either A4, 10" x 8" or 12" x 8" are £4.00 each.

(all available sizes are subject to the format of the original negatives)


Our postage is fixed at £1.00 per order made regardless of quantities.


Payments are accepted via Paypal and Cheque.

Payments can be made via paypal to dkjones1948@gmail.com or via cheque made out to "D.K. Jones" to the address below